Let's SPRING into ACTION! 

The Clean Air Collective continues to push for a ban of gas-powered leaf blowers in Hastings.   In case you missed it, here is an excellent essay by Jessica Stolzberg in the NY Times.  She was also a guest speaker on the Brian Lehrer show on April 29th.   The momentum against these toxic and outdated pieces of machinery is building.  

We are disappointed that the Village Govt. has not yet enacted a complete ban on Gas Powered Leaf Blowers and we continue in our efforts to push for this.  Please sign this petition to show your support for this ban.

We will also be present at the Spring Thing on May 15th between 12 and 4PM.  Come meet our team.  We will be there to answer questions and have some fun family-friendly activities planned to raise awareness.

In the interim, please let the Board of Trustees hear your thoughts and concerns on this issue. Send them an email at Boardoftrustees@hastingsgov encouraging them to pass a ban on gas-powered leaf blowers immediately.  Repeated emails do make an impact.  If possible, join the Board of Trustees meeting and make a live comment in-person!

Demand Hastings ban 

gas-powered leaf blowers NOW.

Our goal is to protect and improve the air quality of our neighborhoods starting in our own village of Hastings on Hudson...


We are actively focused on improving the air quality of our village now by pushing for a ban on gas leaf blowers ASAP.  You can read more about how you can get involved here

Our next focus will be on an "anti-idling" campaign. More to come on this!

If you are interested in joining our growing collective click here.

You can also email us at cleanaircollectivenet@gmail.com